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निर्वाह् म्हणजे काय? हा कुठल्या भाषेतला शब्द् आहे? मराठीत निर्वाह् म्हणजे पोट भरणे. दुसरा अर्थ शब्दकोशात दिलेला नाही. -जे-J १२:३२, २२ मे २००७ (UTC)

उपजीविका, उदरनिर्वाह, चरितार्थ, निर्वाह, जीविका, योगक्षेम, पोटपाणी - पोट भरणे "शेती हेच त्याच्या उपजीविकेचे साधन आहे"मराठी शाब्दबंध
dinanirvaha (p. 412) [ dinanirvāha ] m (S dina Day, nirvaha Carrying on.) Carrying on or over of the present day; i.e. managing to subsist; shifting with a pittance.
nirvaha (p. 470) [ nirvāha ] m (S) Conducting, carrying on, managing, accomplishing; conduct, management, accomplishment. 2 Supporting, maintaining, carrying through, establishing. 3 Carrying off; bringing on to its end; removing, i. e., by implication, lightening and rendering bearable (hunger, cold, rain &c. by makeshift food, clothing &c; or an evil in general by measures of mitigation): also the removal or being removed by such measures. ni0 karane g. of o. To manage with; to shift with.ṃ मोल्सवरथ शब्दकोश
निर + वह् =perform ,to manage सम्भाषणसंस्कृतम शब्दकोशः

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