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Prasannakumar, I hope you would permit me to say these. If something I say is incorrect regarding Marathi, kindy do not hesitate to correct me. I observed in this page that this word is noted as व्याकरण-क्रियापद but it is not a verb. அண்மை (उच्चार -> अण्मै) means nearness (almost exactly as समीप्य) as a noun formed from the adjective/adverbial form for "near" (அண் (उच्चार -> अण)). And about the meanings, given here as झूम करणे,आकार वाढविणे,विस्तार. But झूम करणे means to zoom, is it not? In some optical instrumentation contexts, it is used in the sense of bringing the object closer (but not as verb, but as a noun almost exactly as समीप्य). The meaning विस्तार meaning like amplification is definitely not suited to this word, but when you bring the object closer (image-wise), it is bound to look bigger. And आकार वाढविणे is also not correct, I think, because वाढविणे means to increase (perhaps in आकार size?). The correct maning of this word அண்மை (उच्चार -> अण्मै) is समीप्य or something close to it. The Tamil word is also used for something अलीकडे (temporally close, recent). Thanks for kindly taking note of this. -Selva --C.R.Selvakumar २०:४७, १४ ऑगस्ट २०१० (UTC)

  • Thank you for correcting it,yes sure you can also make changes wherever and whenever necessary.Do not hesitate to make changes,and I expect you to write further information like this in Talk section on such issues.ok Prasannakumar ०२:३२, १५ ऑगस्ट २०१० (UTC)
Thank you for your encouragement. I'll be happy to share whatever I could and would like to make as good a contribution as possible. -Selva --C.R.Selvakumar ०२:४४, १५ ऑगस्ट २०१० (UTC)