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मराठी विक्शनरीत मराठी विक्शनरी ,मराठी व्याकरण, मराठी विकिपीडियाशी तांत्रिक सुयोग्यता तसेच इंग्रजी , आणि इतर भारतीय भाषातील विक्शनरीत संलग्नता तांत्रिक दृष्ट्या चांगल्या दर्जाची घडावी, मराठी विक्शनरीचे मराठीकरण पूर्ण व्हावे या दृष्टीने हा प्रकल्प सुरू केला आहे.

It is a place to discuss how to solve technical problems such as templates, Wiktionary:CSS, Wiktionary:JavaScript, the MediaWiki software, extensions to it, the toolserver, etc. It is also a place to think in non-technical ways how to make the best free open online dictionary of all words in all languages.

It is said that while the Beer parlour is a place for people from all walks of life to talk about politics, news, sportsसाचा:, and picking up chicks, the Grease pit is a place for mechanics, engineersसाचा:, and technicians to talk about nuts and bolts, engine overhauls, fancy paint jobs, lumpy camsसाचा:, and fat exhausts. That may or may not make things clearer... Others have understood this page to explain the "how" of things, while the Beer parlour addresses the "why".

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  • Tips and tricks about customization or personalization of CSS and JS files are listed at WT:CUSTOM.
  • Other tips and tricks are at WT:TAT.
  • Everyone is encouraged to expand both pages, or to come up with more such stuff. Other known pages with "tips-n-tricks" are to be listed here as well.

  • Wikipedia:Popup#Features

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