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excontentauthor Talk content was: '$1' (and the only contributor was '$2') exif-aperturevalue Talk Aperture exif-artist Talk Author exif-bitspersample Talk Bits per component exif-brightnessvalue Talk Brightness exif-cfapattern Talk CFA pattern exif-colorspace Talk Color space exif-colorspace-1 Talk sRGB exif-colorspace-ffff.h Talk FFFF.H exif-componentsconfiguration Talk Meaning of each component exif-componentsconfiguration-0 Talk does not exist exif-componentsconfiguration-1 Talk Y exif-componentsconfiguration-2 Talk Cb exif-componentsconfiguration-3 Talk Cr exif-componentsconfiguration-4 Talk R exif-componentsconfiguration-5 Talk G exif-componentsconfiguration-6 Talk B exif-compressedbitsperpixel Talk Image compression mode exif-compression Talk Compression scheme exif-compression-1 Talk Uncompressed exif-compression-6 Talk JPEG exif-contrast Talk Contrast exif-contrast-0 Talk Normal exif-contrast-1 Talk Soft exif-contrast-2 Talk Hard exif-copyright Talk Copyright holder exif-customrendered Talk Custom image processing exif-customrendered-0 Talk Normal process exif-customrendered-1 Talk Custom process exif-datetime Talk File change date and time exif-datetimedigitized Talk Date and time of digitizing exif-datetimeoriginal Talk Date and time of data generation exif-devicesettingdescription Talk Device settings description exif-digitalzoomratio Talk Digital zoom ratio exif-exifversion Talk Exif version exif-exposurebiasvalue Talk Exposure bias exif-exposureindex Talk Exposure index exif-exposuremode Talk Exposure mode exif-exposuremode-0 Talk Auto exposure exif-exposuremode-1 Talk Manual exposure exif-exposuremode-2 Talk Auto bracket exif-exposureprogram Talk Exposure Program exif-exposureprogram-0 Talk Not defined exif-exposureprogram-1 Talk Manual exif-exposureprogram-2 Talk Normal program exif-exposureprogram-3 Talk Aperture priority exif-exposureprogram-4 Talk Shutter priority exif-exposureprogram-5 Talk Creative program (biased toward depth of field) exif-exposureprogram-6 Talk Action program (biased toward fast shutter speed) exif-exposureprogram-7 Talk Portrait mode (for closeup photos with the background out of focus) exif-exposureprogram-8 Talk Landscape mode (for landscape photos with the background in focus) exif-exposuretime Talk Exposure time exif-exposuretime-format Talk $1 sec ($2) exif-filesource Talk File source exif-filesource-3 Talk DSC exif-flash Talk Flash exif-flashenergy Talk Flash energy exif-flashpixversion Talk Supported Flashpix version exif-fnumber Talk F Number exif-fnumber-format Talk f/$1 exif-focallength Talk Lens focal length exif-focallength-format Talk $1 mm exif-focallengthin35mmfilm Talk Focal length in 35 mm film exif-focalplaneresolutionunit Talk Focal plane resolution unit exif-focalplaneresolutionunit-2 Talk inches exif-focalplanexresolution Talk Focal plane X resolution exif-focalplaneyresolution Talk Focal plane Y resolution exif-gaincontrol Talk Scene control exif-gaincontrol-0 Talk None exif-gaincontrol-1 Talk Low gain up exif-gaincontrol-2 Talk High gain up exif-gaincontrol-3 Talk Low gain down exif-gaincontrol-4 Talk High gain down exif-gpsaltitude Talk Altitude exif-gpsaltituderef Talk Altitude reference exif-gpsareainformation Talk Name of GPS area exif-gpsdatestamp Talk GPS date exif-gpsdestbearing Talk Bearing of destination exif-gpsdestbearingref Talk Reference for bearing of destination exif-gpsdestdistance Talk Distance to destination exif-gpsdestdistanceref Talk Reference for distance to destination exif-gpsdestlatitude Talk Latitude destination exif-gpsdestlatituderef Talk Reference for latitude of destination exif-gpsdestlongitude Talk Longitude of destination exif-gpsdestlongituderef Talk Reference for longitude of destination exif-gpsdifferential Talk GPS differential correction exif-gpsdirection-m Talk Magnetic direction exif-gpsdirection-t Talk True direction exif-gpsdop Talk Measurement precision exif-gpsimgdirection Talk Direction of image exif-gpsimgdirectionref Talk Reference for direction of image exif-gpslatitude Talk Latitude exif-gpslatitude-n Talk North latitude exif-gpslatitude-s Talk South latitude exif-gpslatituderef Talk North or South Latitude exif-gpslongitude Talk Longitude exif-gpslongitude-e Talk East longitude exif-gpslongitude-w Talk West longitude exif-gpslongituderef Talk East or West Longitude exif-gpsmapdatum Talk Geodetic survey data used exif-gpsmeasuremode Talk Measurement mode exif-gpsmeasuremode-2 Talk 2-dimensional measurement exif-gpsmeasuremode-3 Talk 3-dimensional measurement exif-gpsprocessingmethod Talk Name of GPS processing method exif-gpssatellites Talk Satellites used for measurement exif-gpsspeed Talk Speed of GPS receiver exif-gpsspeed-k Talk Kilometres per hour exif-gpsspeed-m Talk Miles per hour exif-gpsspeed-n Talk Knots exif-gpsspeedref Talk Speed unit exif-gpsstatus Talk Receiver status exif-gpsstatus-a Talk Measurement in progress exif-gpsstatus-v Talk Measurement interoperability exif-gpstimestamp Talk GPS time (atomic clock) exif-gpstrack Talk Direction of movement exif-gpstrackref Talk Reference for direction of movement exif-gpsversionid Talk GPS tag version exif-imagedescription Talk Image title exif-imagelength Talk Height exif-imageuniqueid Talk Unique image ID exif-imagewidth Talk Width exif-isospeedratings Talk ISO speed rating exif-jpeginterchangeformat Talk Offset to JPEG SOI exif-jpeginterchangeformatlength Talk Bytes of JPEG data exif-lightsource Talk Light source exif-lightsource-0 Talk Unknown exif-lightsource-1 Talk Daylight exif-lightsource-10 Talk Cloudy weather exif-lightsource-11 Talk Shade exif-lightsource-12 Talk Daylight fluorescent (D 5700 – 7100K) exif-lightsource-13 Talk Day white fluorescent (N 4600 – 5400K) exif-lightsource-14 Talk Cool white fluorescent (W 3900 – 4500K) exif-lightsource-15 Talk White fluorescent (WW 3200 – 3700K) exif-lightsource-17 Talk Standard light A exif-lightsource-18 Talk Standard light B exif-lightsource-19 Talk Standard light C exif-lightsource-2 Talk Fluorescent exif-lightsource-20 Talk D55 exif-lightsource-21 Talk D65 exif-lightsource-22 Talk D75 exif-lightsource-23 Talk D50 exif-lightsource-24 Talk ISO studio tungsten exif-lightsource-255 Talk Other light source exif-lightsource-3 Talk Tungsten (incandescent light) exif-lightsource-4 Talk Flash exif-lightsource-9 Talk Fine weather exif-make Talk Camera manufacturer exif-make-value Talk $1 exif-makernote Talk Manufacturer notes exif-maxaperturevalue Talk Maximum land aperture exif-meteringmode Talk Metering mode exif-meteringmode-0 Talk Unknown exif-meteringmode-1 Talk Average exif-meteringmode-2 Talk CenterWeightedAverage exif-meteringmode-255 Talk Other exif-meteringmode-3 Talk Spot exif-meteringmode-4 Talk MultiSpot exif-meteringmode-5 Talk Pattern exif-meteringmode-6 Talk Partial exif-model Talk Camera model exif-model-value Talk $1 exif-oecf Talk Optoelectronic conversion factor exif-orientation Talk Orientation exif-orientation-1 Talk Normal exif-orientation-2 Talk Flipped horizontally exif-orientation-3 Talk Rotated 180° exif-orientation-4 Talk Flipped vertically exif-orientation-5 Talk Rotated 90° CCW and flipped vertically exif-orientation-6 Talk Rotated 90° CW exif-orientation-7 Talk Rotated 90° CW and flipped vertically exif-orientation-8 Talk Rotated 90° CCW exif-photometricinterpretation Talk Pixel composition exif-photometricinterpretation-2 Talk RGB exif-photometricinterpretation-6 Talk YCbCr exif-pixelxdimension Talk Valid image height exif-pixelydimension Talk Valid image width exif-planarconfiguration Talk Data arrangement exif-planarconfiguration-1 Talk chunky format exif-planarconfiguration-2 Talk planar format exif-primarychromaticities Talk Chromaticities of primarities exif-referenceblackwhite Talk Pair of black and white reference values exif-relatedsoundfile Talk Related audio file exif-resolutionunit Talk Unit of X and Y resolution exif-rowsperstrip Talk Number of rows per strip exif-samplesperpixel Talk Number of components exif-saturation Talk Saturation exif-saturation-0 Talk Normal exif-saturation-1 Talk Low saturation exif-saturation-2 Talk High saturation exif-scenecapturetype Talk Scene capture type exif-scenecapturetype-0 Talk Standard exif-scenecapturetype-1 Talk Landscape exif-scenecapturetype-2 Talk Portrait exif-scenecapturetype-3 Talk Night scene exif-scenetype Talk Scene type exif-scenetype-1 Talk A directly photographed image exif-sensingmethod Talk Sensing method exif-sensingmethod-1 Talk Undefined exif-sensingmethod-2 Talk One-chip color area sensor exif-sensingmethod-3 Talk Two-chip color area sensor exif-sensingmethod-4 Talk Three-chip color area sensor exif-sensingmethod-5 Talk Color sequential area sensor exif-sensingmethod-7 Talk Trilinear sensor exif-sensingmethod-8 Talk Color sequential linear sensor exif-sharpness Talk Sharpness exif-sharpness-0 Talk Normal exif-sharpness-1 Talk Soft exif-sharpness-2 Talk Hard exif-shutterspeedvalue Talk Shutter speed exif-software Talk Software used exif-software-value Talk $1 exif-spatialfrequencyresponse Talk Spatial frequency response exif-spectralsensitivity Talk Spectral sensitivity exif-stripbytecounts Talk Bytes per compressed strip exif-stripoffsets Talk Image data location exif-subjectarea Talk Subject area exif-subjectdistance Talk Subject distance exif-subjectdistance-value Talk $1 metres exif-subjectdistancerange Talk Subject distance range exif-subjectdistancerange-0 Talk Unknown exif-subjectdistancerange-1 Talk Macro exif-subjectdistancerange-2 Talk Close view exif-subjectdistancerange-3 Talk Distant view exif-subjectlocation Talk Subject location exif-subsectime Talk DateTime subseconds exif-subsectimedigitized Talk DateTimeDigitized subseconds exif-subsectimeoriginal Talk DateTimeOriginal subseconds exif-transferfunction Talk Transfer function exif-usercomment Talk User comments exif-whitebalance Talk White Balance exif-whitebalance-0 Talk Auto white balance exif-whitebalance-1 Talk Manual white balance exif-whitepoint Talk White point chromaticity exif-xresolution Talk Horizontal resolution exif-xyresolution-c Talk $1 dpc exif-xyresolution-i Talk $1 dpi exif-ycbcrcoefficients Talk Color space transformation matrix coefficients exif-ycbcrpositioning Talk Y and C positioning exif-ycbcrsubsampling Talk Subsampling ratio of Y to C exif-yresolution Talk Vertical resolution expand_templates_input Talk Input text: expand_templates_intro Talk This special page takes some text and expands all templates in it recursively. It also expands parser functions like {{#if:...}}, and variables like {{CURRENTDAY}}—in fact pretty much everything in double-braces. It does this by calling the relevant parser stage from MediaWiki itself. expand_templates_ok Talk OK expand_templates_output Talk Result: expand_templates_remove_comments Talk Remove comments expand_templates_title Talk Context title, for {{PAGENAME}} etc.: expandtemplates Talk Expand templates expiringblock Talk expires $1 explainconflict Talk Someone else has changed this page since you started editing it. The upper text area contains the page text as it currently exists. Your changes are shown in the lower text area. You will have to merge your changes into the existing text. Only the text in the upper text area will be saved when you press "Save page".
export Talk Export pages export-submit Talk Export exportcuronly Talk Include only the current revision, not the full history exportnohistory Talk ---- Note: Exporting the full history of pages through this form has been disabled due to performance reasons. exporttext Talk You can export the text and editing history of a particular page or set of pages wrapped in some XML. This can be imported into another wiki using MediaWiki via the Special:Import page. To export pages, enter the titles in the text box below, one title per line, and select whether you want the current version as well as all old versions, with the page history lines, or just the current version with the info about the last edit. In the latter case you can also use a link, e.g. विशेष:Export/मुखपृष्ठ for the page मुखपृष्ठ. externaldberror Talk There was either an external authentication database error or you are not allowed to update your external account. extlink_sample Talk http://www.example.com link title extlink_tip Talk External link (remember http:// prefix) faq Talk FAQ faqpage Talk Project:FAQ feed-invalid Talk Invalid subscription feed type. feedlinks Talk Feed: filedeleteerror Talk Could not delete file "$1". fileexists-forbidden

Talk A file with this name exists already; please go back and upload this file under a new name.



Talk A file with this name exists already in the shared file repository; please go back and upload this file under a new name.


fileinfo Talk $1KB, MIME type: $2 filemissing Talk File missing filepath Talk File path filepath_page Talk File: filepath_submit Talk Path filerenameerror Talk Could not rename file "$1" to "$2". filestatus Talk Copyright status fileuploaded Talk File $1 uploaded successfully. Please follow this link: $2 to the description page and fill in information about the file, such as where it came from, when it was created and by whom, and anything else you may know about it. If this is an image, you can insert it like this: [[Image:$1|thumb|Description]] fileuploadsummary Talk Summary: filewasdeleted Talk A file of this name has been previously uploaded and subsequently deleted. You should check the $1 before proceeding to upload it again. formerror Talk Error: could not submit form gotaccount Talk Already have an account? $1. group Talk Group: group-all Talk (all) group-boardvote Talk Board vote admins group-boardvote-member Talk Board vote admin group-bot Talk Bots group-bot-member Talk Bot group-bureaucrat Talk Bureaucrats group-bureaucrat-member Talk Bureaucrat group-checkuser Talk Check users group-checkuser-member Talk Check user group-steward Talk Stewards group-steward-member Talk Steward group-sysop Talk Sysops group-sysop-member Talk Sysop grouppage-boardvote Talk विक्शनरी:Board vote admin grouppage-bot Talk विक्शनरी:Bots grouppage-bureaucrat Talk विक्शनरी:Bureaucrats grouppage-checkuser Talk विक्शनरी:Check user grouppage-steward Talk विक्शनरी:Stewards grouppage-sysop Talk विक्शनरी:Administrators groups Talk User groups guesstimezone Talk Fill in from browser headline_sample Talk Headline text headline_tip Talk Level 2 headline yourtext Talk Your text yourvariant Talk Variant yourlanguage Talk Language: yourdomainname Talk Your domain whatlinkshere-barrow Talk < whatlinkshere-summary Talk whitelistacctext Talk To be allowed to create accounts in this Wiki you have to log in and have the appropriate permissions. whitelistacctitle Talk You are not allowed to create an account whitelistedittext Talk You have to $1 to edit pages. whitelistedittitle Talk Login required to edit whitelistreadtext Talk You have to login to read pages. whitelistreadtitle Talk Login required to read widthheight Talk $1×$2 wldone Talk Done. wlheader-enotif Talk * E-mail notification is enabled. wlheader-showupdated Talk * Pages which have been changed since you last visited them are shown in bold wlnote Talk Below are the last $1 changes in the last $2 hours. wlsaved Talk This is a saved version of your watchlist. wlshowlast Talk Show last $1 hours $2 days $3 wrong_wfQuery_params Talk Incorrect parameters to wfQuery()
Function: $1
Query: $2 watchlistanontext Talk Please $1 to view or edit items on your watchlist. watchlistclearbutton Talk Clear watchlist watchlistcleardone Talk Your watchlist has been cleared. $1 item was removed. watchlistcleartext Talk Are you sure you wish to remove them? watchlistcontains Talk Your watchlist contains $1 pages. watchlistcount Talk You have $1 item on your watchlist, including talk pages. watchlistfor Talk (for $1) watchmethod-list Talk checking watched pages for recent edits watchmethod-recent Talk checking recent edits for watched pages watchnochange Talk None of your watched items was edited in the time period displayed. watchnologin Talk Not logged in watchnologintext Talk You must be logged in to modify your watchlist. watchthis Talk Watch this page watchlist-hide-bots Talk Hide bot edits watchlist-hide-minor Talk Hide minor edits watchlist-hide-own Talk Hide my edits watchlist-show-bots Talk Show bot edits watchlist-show-minor Talk Show minor edits watchlist-show-own Talk Show my edits watchdetails Talk * $1 page watched not counting talk pages * Show and edit complete watchlist * Remove all pages watcheditlist Talk Here's an alphabetical list of your watched content pages. Check the boxes of pages you want to remove from your watchlist and click the 'remove checked' button at the bottom of the screen (deleting a content page also deletes the accompanying talk page and vice versa). watching Talk Watching... wantedcategories Talk Wanted categories viewsourcefor Talk for $1 viewsourcetext Talk You can view and copy the source of this page: viewhelppage Talk View help page viewpagelogs Talk View logs for this page viewprevnext Talk View ($1) ($2) ($3). views Talk Views