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FUEL (Frequently Used Entries for Localization) aims to solve the problem of inconsistency and lack of standardization in computer software translation in a new and unique way. Initiated by Red Hat, the project is trying to give a better experience to end users of a localized desktop by resolving the issues of standardization and inconsistency.

FUEL (Frequently Used Entries for Localization) aims at solving the Problem of Inconsistency and standardization across the platform. It will try to provide a standardized and consistent look of computer for a language computer users.

FUEL Marathi Evaluation Meetस[संपादन]

तारीख स्थान शब्द निश्चित केलेला बाह्य दुवा
31st Jul and 1st Aug FUEL @ CDAC GIST po

FUEL Marathi Evaluation Meet is a move to discuss the problem and come with the evaluated translation of the FUEL entries list created by choosing frequently used entries from important applications.[१]

बाह्य दुवे[संपादन]

सपोर्टेड बाय[संपादन]