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मराठीत टाईप करण्यासाठी, ह्या व्हिडिओ क्लिपेत दाखवल्या प्रमाणे, मराठी आणि नंतर अक्षरांतरण पर्याय निवडा, अथवा इनस्क्रिप्ट साठी 'मराठी लिपी' पर्याय, तुम्ही तुमची व्यक्तीगत युनिकोड टायपींग पद्धती वापरू शकता. Click on the 'cc to change the subtitle languages to Marathi, English, Sanskrit, Kokani,Ahirani.
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Welcome! We are pleased that you have taken first step to understand how to use Marathi Language fonts on internet.
mala marathi type kase karayche he have ahe ? or How to type using Marathi font? is one of the frequently asked question(Wiktionary:FAQs) on Marathi Wiktionary.Already several Marathi users are making thousands of edits in Marathi Language here using different different Marathi Font facilities and many facilities are freely available on internet.
A detail technical help is provided in english language at Setup For Devanagari page.To read font help in Marathi Language go to article संगणक टंक and refer गमभन टंकलेखन सुविधा which gives copy paste facility,refer बराहा Direct subject to your operating systm is able to support the same;if still not comfortable try direct typing a test Marathi Font here at marathi wiktionary by selecting small inputbox when a edit window opens; or look for more online options at युनिकोड मध्ये टंक डाउनलोड न करता ऑनलाईन लिहिणे
Besides O.S. Window XP it self now supports devanagari fonts and the related help is provided at Setup For Devanagari.
Still find defficult then revert back at Help-forum for new users.If you are using online messanger, then which one ? keep us informed we can support a live chat help also,if needed.
Thanking you, With warm regards,
Helpdesk Marathi Wiktionary ~~~~


अa आA/aa इi ईI उu ऊU/oo एe ऐai/ee ओo औau
अंaM अः a: ऋRu ॠRU ऌlRu ॡ lRU
अ॑aq ऍE ऑ O
कk खkh गg घgh ङG
चc छch जj झjh/z/Z ञY
टT ठTh डD ढDh णN
तt थth दd धdh नn
पp फph/f बb भbh/v मm
यy रr लl वw/V शsh/S षSh/shh
सs हh ळL क्षx/kSh त्र tr ज्ञ jY
क्तkt क्रkr द्यdy श्रshr क्षkSh
द्धddh श्चshc द्वdv
र्‍ह(?) र्‍य(?) र्यry ट्रTr ठ्रThr ड्रDr ढ्रDhr य्र yr
अ आ ऍ ऑ इ ई उ ऊ ए ऐ ओ औ अं अ: ऋ ॠ लृ लॄ
क ख् ग् घ् ङ् च् छ् ज् झ् ञ् ट् ठ् ड् ढ् ण् त् थ् द् ध् न् प् फ् भ् म् य् र् ल् व् श् ष् स् ह् ळ् क्ष् त्र् क्त् क्र् र्क् द्य् श्र् श्च
र्य् र्ह् ट्र ठ्र ड्र ढ्र ग्य

कळफलकावर 'एंटर'कीच्या वरच्या बाजूला असलेली 'बॅकस्पेस की' दोन व्यंजनांनंतर वापरली असता एकाखाली एक(?) जोडाक्षर

मिळते(?) जसे: ट्ट ट्ठ ड्ड क्क

क्क् ब्ब् म्म् क्ट् फ्ट्

Not Available and needed improvements[संपादन]

Dear experts please go through following given problems along with foloowing links and suggest apropriate corrections for Marathi Wiktionary to function कळफलक well.

  • New Problem: a simple non-capital 'v' is supposed come as व but instead it is coming भ ;since last couple of days.Can this be rectified ?

Mahitgar ०६:४५, २८ जानेवारी २००७ (UTC)[reply]

  • In Marathi one needs to get a clustered alphabate 'ग्य' after pressing ग +य together.Presently 'ग +य' is coming ज्ञ . Hindi Language has got same pronounciation for ग्य and ज्ञ but in Marathi pronounciation of ग्य and ज्ञ is quite different.Present system 'ग +य' =ज्ञ is quite discomfort for Marathi writers.I will advice an additional sign along with 'ग +य to make ज्ञ ; may be something like 'ग +य + ~ '= ज्ञ

Mahitgar ०६:४७, २८ जानेवारी २००७ (UTC)[reply]

  • aa also need to come as आ (A)
  • Need signs for dirgha ॠ ॡ and also need signs for ङ र्‍ह र्‍य ज्ञ अः द्ध ज्ञ द्व
  • चc छch this needs to be different way Capital C and Ch should come(छ) While small c and ch should come च
    • need half च for consonantal clustar which is presently not possible.
    • after repeat pressing cccc it gives where as it is supposed to create consonant' clustar
चःचःचःचःच् चःप्

Also, cwa gives चःव rather than च्व

  • Also we need two vertical dot the visarga sign along with every Marathi alphabate like the dots coming in between when c is pressed repeatedly to create like (This Visarga sign looks like colan : but needs to be diffenent for search and bot purposes.
ः अः आः इः पः बाः मॉः
  • Need a Language Toggle (Shortcut)Key for changing Marathi to English and English .Suggestions 'F11' and 'Ctrl+t'
ा ि ी ु ू े ै ो ौ ं ः ॅ ॉ ँ ् ृ ॄ ॢ ॣ र्‍

Purpose not known[संपादन]

  • aq
  • Capital C produces following dot sign ॰ Purpose not identified.
  • Purpose not identified G - G H - ।
  • ए does not look like a Marathi ए. Its left arm is broken in the middle and the curvature of its upper portion is incorrect.
  • अand every consonent has to be written sometimes with a cresent above them. This is a must for writing in Marathi script, English words like absent, act, an, captain, bank etc. The cresent should be symmetrical against a vertical line and not slant. That means the free ends of the cresent should be be as if on a horizontal line. Sign of this cresent should be provided.
  • The consonents च, छ, ज, झ, and फ of Marathi and क ख ग ड ढ of Hindi/Urdu may require a Nukta under them. This sign of Nukta should be provided. The Marathi ल should have two arcs and a small stem(choti) connecting the second arc to the शिरोरेषा.
  • The consonents श, छ, ख, य, ल are not written in a standard Marathi way. The श requires a 'choti', the circle of छ should not have a loose end, The stomachs of ख and य should not touch the bottom level, preventing attaching a र to them.
  • The sign of first(short) इकार must have a variable width, so that it can fully cover consonents, and their ligatures of various width. e.g. While writing a letter like स्त्यि, the curve above the letter should start from the top of the first vertical line and end at the top of the last vertical line of य. Unless this is provided, the printing will not look Marathi.
  • How to type र्‍य and र्‍ह and Om? And also ligatures with two consonents कक, टट, ठठ, डड one below another?
  • Element C

Numeric key[संपादन]

Uncheck Input box to use Roman/English Script, as usual. Check Input box to use Devanagari(Marathi) Script.

Use Esc key to clear/reset all wrtitten info. Numeric key line with shift button works same in Devanagari and Roman Numeric key line 1233457890 In Marathi १२३४५६७८९०

Q to P Normal(without Shift button use)[संपादन]

॑ व् ए र् त् य् उ इ ओ प्

Q to P Normal(with Shift button use/ or with caps lock)[संपादन]


॓ व् ऍ ऋ ट् ञ् ऊ ई ऑ प्

A to L Normal(without Shift button use/ or without caps lock)[संपादन]

a s d f g h j k l

अ स् द् फ् ग् ह् ज् क् ल्

A to L (with Shift button use/ or with caps lock)[संपादन]


आ ष् ड् फ् G । ़ ़ ळ्

अग्रशीर्ष मजकुर[संपादन]


=अग्रशीर्ष मजकुर=दीप्त्[संपादन]

  • Purpose not identified G - G H - ।
  • Capital J & K are used for Hindi Nukta sign eg. faJ/faK produces

z to M Normal(without Shift button use/ or without caps lock)[संपादन]

z x c v b n m

झ् क्ष् च व् ब् न् म्

Z to M(without Shift button use/ or without caps lock)[संपादन]


झ् क्ष् ॰ व् ब् ण् ं

  • Capital produces following dot sign ॰ Purpose not identified.
  • Capital M produces anusvara sign if given after any alphabet eg. pM

List of Experts on this subject[संपादन]

List of Wikipedians or else who may be of help in improving this.
Suggestions by Eukesh to Marathi Wikipedia

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Example of improvement done in Hindi WIkipedia [changes incorporated by hindi wikipedia in monobook js

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